Thursday, April 4, 2013

My First

Finally... I have been meaning to create my own blogs for years now. Well, I finally had the courage to do so. This is the first. I am so excited!

I am not that good in expressing myself in English, and I'm thinking I should type it in English so I won't limit my readers. I don't have those highfalutin words and always worried about my grammar, so I'm always keeping my notes hidden inside my head... but I thought, why not share it if it interests other people especially if my intention is to help others who are seeking for reviews of a certain product and the like, which I totally dig because I'm a fan of blogs and forums myself. The comments of those who experienced something help me decide whether to try something out or not. Advertisers will always make their products sound the best, but comments from the ones who have experienced those of what have been endorsed won't lie.

Drew by my husband, for he calls me his busy bee :) which  I'm using as my blog site's logo

When I was way younger, I would always keep a notebook with me and whenever I have something in my mind I jot it down (in English) just to challenge myself at the same time express myself while having some time alone. Some kind of a diary but not really. I didn't mind the grammar because no one else would read it but me. Now that I have this opportunity I'm challenging myself once more but with a wider audience. So, I'm encouraging you to create your blogs as well if your heart desires it.

Anyways, so much for this. I guess, for a first blog this will be enough.

Till next time.

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  1. I`m so looking forward to reading more from you.