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Aramesh Spa and Wellness Take Two!

It has been a long time since I last posted a review. To me, blogging requires motivation and has to come from the heart. I guess I didn't have that for quite a while.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness has given me back my "writing mode". Why? That will be answered as we continue.

It was just an ordinary Facebook day. Much to my surprise, I got a message from Aramesh thanking me for featuring them on my blog. Well, isn't that nice? To top it off, they invited me for a complimentary therapy to experience Ventosa for the second time in my whole entire life. Isn't that double nice? :) Now, that's a motivation! :)

That is absolutely an invitation one can't refuse. I actually have been meaning to go back to their spa, however, giving myself a pamper like that sometimes gives me a guilt trip. If I don't work hard enough, I honestly feel that I don't deserve to give myself time to pamper.

Anyways, enough about myself!!! To cut the story short, I GAVE IN!

I have featured them on my blog a year ago. If you haven't read it yet, you can check it here Ventosa at Aramesh Spa & Wellness.

On this review, I will try my best to share with you what I have experienced with them for the second time with utmost sincerity and honesty.


They recommend to call for reservation preferably a day before your desired day.

Land line:   (632) 4787738
Cellphone: (0917) 8207827 / (0917) 5092010
* Open from Monday to Saturday, from 1:00pm to 12 midnight

Aside from the unexpected sweet Facebook message I got from Mich (one of the staff, and I think she's the head of the staff) on Facebook, they also sent me a text on the day of my appointment for confirmation. They usually do that, and I personally like it! It makes me more excited.


Unit 601 6th Flr. HEART TOWER
108 Valero St., Salcedo Village Makati City

Landmark: Adobo Connection
     nearby: McDonald's, RCBC, 24/7 call center

I got inside the building, I logged in on the guard's desk, took the elevator, and went straight to their unit and rang the doorbell.

I was welcomed by Mich and Len with their big smiles. Of course at first, I had no idea what their names were, I just smiled.

I was told to take a seat, and so I did and took pictures of the receiving area.

Aramesh Spa & Wellness / Fashion Smile receiving area

 As I was sitting and busy taking pictures, a woman approached me nicely and shook my hand. She introduced herself, and just then I learned that she's one of the owners. Her name is Dr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi.

First of all, nosebleed. I was like "OMG!" My knees literally felt weak! I couldn't even stand up at first to pay respect. Haha! I wasn't expecting it at all. I'm a type of person who just wants to sit in the corner and be invisible unless the attention is needed. Later on, Len (my therapist) shared with me that the owners usually do welcome their clients which is very nice.

Then, Dr. Shamsi introduced me to her business partner, Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin.

I wasn't able to take a picture of them with me because I got so distracted by the thought of "I'm talking to professionals here...way to go!" I'm such a low profile person, a disease I tend to keep. So I apologize, I hope you don't mind me stealing and using your photos here.

To continue... They gave me a little tour which I greatly appreciated.

Aramesh Spa is the first and only Persian-inspired Spa in the country, if I'm not mistaken.

I love History, but History doesn't love me so I always forget things I have studied before. But, let me tell you a little tiny thing I have researched about Persia.

The term Persia was adopted by all western languages through the Greeks and was used as an official name for Iran by the West until 1935. Due to that label, all Iranians were considered Persian. People who embraced the Persian language and culture are also often referred as Persian (as a part of the Persian civilization culturally and/or linguistically). -wikipedia

Dr. Shamsi is a suregon and cosmetic dentist, and Dr. Nikbin is an orthodontist. They are both half Persian and half Flipino.

They own a dental clinic called FASHION SMILE which is located inside the same unit where Aramesh Spa is situated. They first own the dental clinic and later on decided to set up a massage therapy place. They shared with me that they brought Aramesh Spa into this world because they wanted to introduce Persian-inspired massage and spa to us. Furthermore, Fashion Smile's clients can take advantage of the services that Aramesh Spa offers:  therapy after the appointment at Fashion Smile, and relaxation for their companions while waiting for them. A very great idea indeed!

The cozy reception area of Aramesh Spa & Wellness / Fashion Smile

On my first visit a year ago, there was only one treatment area. They have expanded and added more. They now have three:

  • Deluxe
  • Premier
  • & VIP

When you look at the very first picture above which is the receiving area, that is the view when you first step into the unit. The blue door is the entrance to the Deluxe Room. It has 2 beds I believe, so you can try it out with someone dear to you; a friend or a significant other.

Deluxe Room

The door to your right when you enter the unit is the entrance to Premier and VIP, and here it is,

Ancient beauty!
At first, I didn't know that this was a door. I took a picture of it because I just loved how it looks; kind of an ancient touch! My husband would love this.

When you enter through this door, you'd see these decorations. Details are Persian-inspired, a Palace-like surroundings. The decors are mixed ancient and nature.

Dr. Nikbin shared with me about kings and queens of Persia (Iran), that's why they had these decors on the walls.

This is the waiting area or I'd like to call it Tea Area. The thick curtain you are seeing is the Premier Room where I had my therapy on my most recent visit.

Premier Room

They have 4 Premier Rooms that are separated by thick long curtains. I was able to try it out. You can also try it with 3 of your friends and have the curtain dividers opened for a spa party. Sounds fun! Beds are also wider than those in Deluxe Room.

From the Tea Area turning left, is this hallway. The first door to your right is the VIP room. The second door to your right is for foot spa, foot reflexology, manicure, pedicure, and the like, whereas the curtains to your left are the Premier Rooms.

VIP Room
VIP Room
VIP Room has 2 beds and its own bathroom, shower, jacuzzi, and its very own loveseat where you can sip your relaxing Persian Tea together with your significant other. This is definitely the one that I should be trying with my hubby :)

This is the area for foot therapies.

I couldn't say anymore that this is just a typical massage place; at least NOT, compared to the ones I've been to. It doesn't look like a hospital, and it's VERY NEAT & CLEAN.


Wikipedia defines Ventosa as alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin. Practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing. Suction is created using heat (fire).  Partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction.

Prior to my appointment Mich had told me that they have changed their massage oils, and there are 4 variants to choose from :

  • Well-being (for muscle and joint pain) 
  • Stress relief (reduces stress, for relaxation) 
  • Happiness 
  • & Bliss Heaven

I picked the Stress Relief, as far as I can remember. You can also try to smell the oil first and choose from there. I didn't do that because I have asthma, so I was paranoid that my nose gets irritated if I do. I didn't wanna sneeze like crazy in front of them, that would have been so embarrassing. So I just looked at it and asked for leaflets instead (so silly me!). Although, I didn't have any problem with the smell at all during therapy.

The therapist name was Len. She was as courteous as Aira (the therapist on my first visit). It means that they are trained to understand the importance of customer service and courtesy. Oh, and Dr. Shamsi said all their therapists are licensed massage therapists, and have been with them for 3 years, so that's another score.

On my first visit, I was able to give the detail of the massage from when it started until it ended. Right now, I honestly can't because I was falling asleep. That's how relaxed I was. The thing that was highlighted in my mind though was, she focused on my back more than Aira did before. She spent most on the part where I'd like to call my wings. It's what they call shoulder blade

That was superb! One of my favorite points I'd want the therapist to focus on. I kept telling myself to wake up because I need to remember the details of the massage, but it made me fall asleep.

I was half awake though when she did the Ventosa. She even asked if I'd want her to take a picture of my back with those cups. So here it is.

Come on, never mind the lack of curves... I was relaxed!

I love it when she puts each one of those cups right in the middle of my back and from there, while it sucks my skin, she slides it over to another part of my back until they're all in place. She then, continue massaging my feet and legs while I'm in a different world.

One of my favorites again and again is when she vigorously rubbed her palms together and pressed it on my ears and eyes. There must be a reason why it's included in the technique; it's so relaxing.


When Len was finished, she asked me to rest for a bit, and will have my tea served later on. I didn't have tea on my first visit, so they really have improved way better! Excited as I was, I got up and got ready to take pictures again.

My Persian tea was waiting for me in the Tea Area.

I personally love the details of this tea set. It's so elegant!

I even took a picture of 'before and after'

I love tea! Any kind of tea! And now I experienced Persian Tea. I loved it! More tea for me! Score again!


First of all, I want to thank Aramesh again and again for this chance of a lifetime experience. My first visit was great already, and this second one is way way greater.

With regards to the massage, the only thing I was really waiting for aside for my back was for my feet and hands. I wasn't able to enjoy it for those two. I guess for a whole body massage like I had, the massage technique won't focus on those 2 points or maybe because I fell asleep (haha!). I need to try their other massages, and of course the hands and feet therapy in the near future. Len, did a great job. You deserve more than the tip I gave you, but that was my only change that time :)

With the expansion of the treatment area, I'm so happy to have witnessed the 'before and after'. It's so decent and elegant! Maintain the cleanliness of the place; that's one of the major points that other massage places don't have.

And the Persian Tea! That's a very nice addition to your relaxation feature, however you call it.


With regards to the staff and the owners, Dr Shamsi, Dr. Nikbin, Mich, Len, and Rose, kudos to all of you! You'll never know how welcoming your guests/clients in a very sincere way would do to them. Sometimes when I don't feel welcome in an establishment, I just leave, and swear not to ever come back. Word-of-mouth advertisement is the best advertisement every business could ever have.

Len (Aramesh Spa & Wellness licensed massage therapist), my therapist that day

wacky Len

Thanks for the good laughs and chitchats Team Aramesh!

Dr. Shamsi and Dr. Nikbin basically explained to me that giving me a complimentary therapy doesn't mean that I must give them a good review. That's a good score right there!!! I don't do this for a living. I am not after the money, complimentary or anything like that. I do this for a hobby to share my personal experience. If they deserve a good review, why not give them that?

This is my experience with Aramesh Spa & Wellness for my second visit. Everybody has its own unique experience and opinions, try their services and you will have yours. I totally recommend it! My pictures and words won't say enough until you experience it first hand. Besides, they are very much open for feedback. That is why they found my blog because they want their customer's satisfaction accomplished.

Til next time. Happy pampering everyone!!!

Check their websites for more details and clearer information and pictures click here:

                                                       Fashion Smile

                                            Aramesh Spa & Welness



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