Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eyelash Perm. my first

Wikipidea defines Eyelash Perm as Eyelash permanent wave, or more commonly called an eyelash perm, and may also refer to permanent relaxer that straightens the hair is a cosmetics procedure performed only by licensed Cosmetologists to flip up eyelashes using hair perming technology.

Let's Face It has been in the business for many years. They have branches nationwide, I believe, and a lot of people are taking advantage of their services everyday, even foreigners patronize them. Staff LACK of professionalism though is their number one downside. They also don't have friendly approach to customers especially the receptionists. Maybe because they don't have to beg people to come in and try their services; they're always jam-packed. I, myself, have tried several services they offer such as pedicure, manicure, foot massage, body scrub, hand and feet paraffin, facial, a lot others, and the last one was eyelash perm.

This is the only picture I took for this review. My after picture for the eyelash perm


I have tried different branches, but this one that I'm going to blog about is located in Glorietta 3, 3rd floor, near Hard Rock Cafe and T.G.I. Friday's. No need for reservations, you can just walk in.

When I walked in, no greetings or anything from the receptionists as always, so I was just literally standing right there waiting for them to approach me because they were chitchatting, and I hate to interrupt. One of them finally noticed me and said, "Yes ma'am?". So I said I am interested in having my eyelashes permed, I asked if it's okay to do it to my eyelashes because I was concerned about the length. That was my first time to have them permed so I was asking for their recommendation.

Without directly answering my question, the other one handed me a piece of paper to sign. It contains something like I was fully aware that there might be irritations and all, and that I understand what I was fully told. I can't remember the exact terms used. To my understanding, they should have explained it to me verbally, but no one did so I had to ask. The receptionist was too lazy to do so and kind of irritated by me asking. She summed it up to like I have to close my eyes for one and half hours to avoid the chemicals to get into my eyes, and that's it. Annoyed as I was, I still tried to be nice and just shut my mouth up and signed the paper. After which, she told me to get in the area where they do the procedure.


Jaylo, (I don't know the spelling, I just go with how the receptionist pronounced it when I  asked) was my attendant. I always try to be nice even if I don't like that attitude of those who do the service for me so I gave her a chance. She asked me to lie down, then she checked my eyelashes.

She asked me how do I want my lashes done? I had no idea whatsoever, so I asked her if there are different kinds of perming; that I have no idea at all because it's my first time; does she have any recommendation. She said, "Basta, gusto mo kulot?" In my head, I was like "The?!" She didn't even show me any samples or anything like that. I thought there was only one kind.

When she started doing my eyelashes, I asked her if the chemicals will have a strong smell. I have allergic rhinitis, so I'm allergic to strong fumes which is okay with me that time. The only reason why I asked was so I can prepare my nose for it, and won't have to sneeze myself to death. She said yes. Not knowing when she was going to apply the chemicals, I covered my nose with my handkerchief while pinching my nose. She told me to just put the handkerchief over my nose and take my hand off it because she's setting my eyelashes and my hand is in the way. I took it okay, although there should have been a nicer tone or way to say it, but it was fine. Or she could have said that she'll let me know when it's time for her to put the chemicals on, I would have appreciated it so much.

She put something on my lashes, I don't know what it was. She told me not to open my eyes once the chemicals are on, then she proceeded. Having heard that, I literally trying myself not to open my eyes which made us have this conversation. She said with an attitude, " Kalma ka lang ma'am. 'Wag mong pigilan yung mata mo." And then I said, "Eh bumubukas eh, Sabi mo 'wag kong buksan." Then she said, "Oo, binubuksan ko talaga." I didn't speak, because I was about to lose myself and may say something bad; I preferred not to. Then she added, "Bawal lumuha ma'am ha. Kasi my chemical, hindi eepekto 'pag lumuha ka." Still trying to be calm, I said "Paano ko pipigilan ang pagluha? Mapipigilan ko ba 'yun?" She said, "Luhain ka ba? Kasi kung luhain ka, hindi kita i-pe-perm." I told her that my tears will fall when I smell the fumes, because  for sure I'll be controlling myself from sneezing. She didn't get that. She just gave me a sarcastic remark sound. Plus, I don't get why tears are not allowed to fall when basically they are working on your eye area, and she's NOT at all gentle when doing the perming. NOT AT ALL!

I stayed calm but cold to her. It was really a "tiis-ganda" moment in my life. She put something in my eyes again, something cold and wet. So I asked her if it was the chemicals, she said no. Left me for, I guess, an hour, I don't know already. It seemed longer than 5 hours to me because all I wanted was to get out of there. She came back, put something on my lashes again, I asked if it's the chemical, she said no.

After sometime, she put something and I smelled the strong fumes. Freaking RUDE attendant already put the chemical on, didn't even occur to her that I asked several times already, so maybe before she put it she'll bother to let me know first. A little heads up was ALL I NEED!

When the perming was done. She handed me a mirror. I was not fully satisfied with the result, because my lashes were all over the place, but a little tiny bitty happy with it because it was curled. She didn't even bother to let me know about the maintenance; I had to ask. Talking about lack of proper customer service, huh?


Need I say more? I think the only reason why people prefer them is because their prices are cheap compared to other salons inside the malls. You have the convenience of having them inside a mall and cheap prices, that's it. I'm not saying all of them are rude. I've been there before as well and I had attendants that were really nice. Nice receptionists? I don't know, NOT genuine at all. Their areas are so small that sometimes you'll be elbowing with customers right next to you. They're loud too when they talk to each other. Oh by the way, I still give her a tip even if she ruined my first time experience of having an eyelash perm. That's how I try to be nice, but in this blog, this is my experience, this is my truth.

Anyway, Let's just Face It, they think they're doing you a favor rather than you giving them a purpose to stay in the business. You may wanna rethink your company's vision and mission Let's Face It. Customer service isn't just about your services and getting paid for it. Going an extra mile for your customers will go a long long long way. Your customers are your best endorsers, and Word-of-mouth is your best advertisement.

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