Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ventosa at Aramesh Spa & Wellness

Ventosa or cupping therapy, Wikipedia defines it as an alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin. Practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing. Suction is created using heat (fire).  Partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction.

I had my ever first Ventosa at Aramesh Spa & Wellness in Makati. My husband bought a voucher for me from MetroDeal for P159 instead of P700. Actually, when I got there and looked at their leaflet, the price they offer was P300 per 30 minutes for Ventosa Therapy. I'm not sure though whether the full body massage is included or not. 

My MetroDeal Voucher


After my husband purchased it for me, It, more or less, took me a month before I redeemed it because I had no time. Anyway, so I called them to have myself scheduled. Um, just to share, the person who took the call didn't really sound happy taking calls, but it was not a big deal for me because I was excited about the therapy.

I don't know if it's just for the promo or it applies to all, but they encourage to call 2 days prior to your desired day.

- 478.7738
- 0917.5092010 
-Open Monday - Saturday from 1:00pm - 12:00 midnight

A day before my schedule I received a text message from them as a reminder, which made me more excited! 


It wasn't really hard to find because it's near RCBC Plaza which is one of the major landmarks in Makati and it's like 2 buildings away from McDonald's.

Unit 601 6th Flr. Heart Tower
108 Valero St. Salcedo Village, Makati City

I got inside the building, logged in on the guard's desk, took the elevator, and went straight to the unit to ring the doorbell. I went inside, handed them over the voucher and filled out a paper. It only took 5 minutes and I was told to go inside the massage room.

The place wasn't really that spacious but I liked it. It was cute for me. It also has a dental clinic inside called Fashion Smile.

Aramesh Spa & Wellness receiving area

The massage room has 3 massage beds, as I can recall, separated by curtains, and 3 chairs meant, I guess, for foot massage. The light was dimmed, smelled nice, and instrumental songs were played. A typical massage place.

I wasn't able to take more pictures than this because my camera was acting up on me.


The therapist named was Aira. She was very courteous. Although, I know that it was SOP for them to ask whether or not I can take the pressure, but I still appreciate how she asks.

She started on my back which is cool. When it comes to massages, I'd really want the therapist to focus on my back, my feet, and my hands. Those are 3 major points (for me).

Next, she told me that she's about to do the Ventosa. I enjoyed every second of it. She put 10 cups on my back. She puts each one right on my middle back and from there, while it sucks my skin, she moves it to another area of my back. I felt the heat but didn't feel like my skin was burning or anything like that at all. Yes, it had a tingling sensation on my upper-left back because that was the part where it really hurts when I'm working.

Then, while cups were still on my back she massaged my legs and feet, focusing on my legs. 

After which, she started to take the cups off my back, then massaged my hands, arms, legs, feet, and my head.

I liked it when she vigorously rubbed her palms together then pressed them on my eyes and ears. It was warm and relaxing.

When it was finished, she asked me to rest for 5 minutes, and informed me not to let my back get wet until the following day.
Ventosa at Aramesh Spa & Wellness


Like I said, when it comes to massages, for me, the 3 major points are my back, feet and hands. The therapist hardly focused on my feet and hands. 

However, I will give Aramesh Spa & Wellness above average for the Ventosa experience I had. It was really relaxing. Hope to be there again soon!


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