Monday, April 15, 2013

MetroDeal Experience

More often than not, especially for average people (like me) who are not earning that much and have bills to pay and have other priorities, we feel guilty to spend so much money for things we don't really need in life. However, sometimes we'd love to indulge ourselves in some things for relaxation. One way to somehow reward ourselves for working hard, to boost our confidence, or to simply escape our busy lives or sometimes boredom... and oooh we love discounts!

That's why group buying sites like MetroDeal are here. We get so hooked. I had them bookmarked :). My husband once said, "Yes, they are good deals but it doesn't mean that you have to buy them". Haha! and so he was the one who bought a voucher for me to experience Ventosa for the first time in my life, at Aramesh Spa and Wellness for only P159 (click on to read my separate blog for it). He thought so too that it was a good deal. (Thank you my hubby!)

I have discovered MetroDeal, well, I forgot who told me about it but someone did who had a great experience with it. I Googled it. I actually have read some blogs about them that were not appealing, of course we cannot avoid that. I tried it anyways. Even before the Ventosa, my sister bought me a tablet. I also tried the IPL Hair Removal at Aesthetic Hub for P99 (by my hubby's demand I have made a separate blog for this, click it on), and IPL Hair Removal and Underarm Diamond Peel at Skin Rejuve for P99 each.

If they were ridiculously expensive, I can only imagine myself trying those things. I'd really feel so bad afterwards because I can live without them. So, thanks to MetroDeal and all other group buying sites, for giving me the cheap chance to do so. I hope that you will maintain your good reputation and have resolved those other issues that other customers have experienced. So far, I haven't encountered any issue. I'm thankful for that. So this blog is for you MetroDeal and for those who want to try.

You can just simply go to their website

You can either enter your email address in the box, for you to receive emails about their deals, or you can sign up by of course clicking on register. You can also just look at their deals, scrolling up and down, if you are uncertain whether to sign up or not, and once you want to avail just click on buy button and you will then have the boxes for signing up.

You can pay through PayPal, through SM outlets, through banks, or with credit or debit card. They will give you step by step guide while you're on it.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. #2 I`m starting to get hooked!! Keep up the goood work.