Monday, May 20, 2013

Cool Photo Collage! Thank you!!!

Photographs are very important to us. We keep them for memories, funny thoughts, dramatic moments, and significant events that we all hold dear.

Photo collage is a really gorgeous idea to add a spice up on each photo we possess. I was just doing it manually before, cut and paste using 'Paint', but now there are too many photo collage tools that we can use.

One day, I was thinking of making something nice to give to someone I love for her birthday through Facebook, and I came across this wonderful site which is  Photovisi (click it on if you want).

A FACT: I'm blogging about this just to share it with you. I'm not getting paid or anything like that for this. I like it because you can be so creative using its tools, and it's got various styles that are so cool. You can check it out for yourself.

You can either register or just simply click on the style that you desire and go from there.

If you don't want to register, you can use any of those without padlock icons on it. If you want to use those ones with padlocks, you have to register and have some kind of 'credits' that you will earn for sharing the collages you made, be it on Facebook or Twitter, or you may invite people to sign up using its provided URL for your friends to click on. Actually, the link that I made above that you can click on, was given when I registered. It was located on 'My Profile'. You may choose to click on the link above and get 2 credits right away or just go to their website Have it your way.

You can start uploading pictures and use the tools on the side.

Finished Product
It's so easy. You will eventually get the hang of it for it's super easy to use.

Other examples of my creations using are on the JellyBee's Favorite Quotes page. The ones that contain '' on the lower-left-most part of the photos.

Thank you for dropping by.