Monday, May 6, 2013

IPL Hair Removal at Aesthetic Hub Laser Skin Center

Wanna get rid of unwanted hair? I do! Especially on underarms. Underarm is one of the most annoying places to have hair. It makes it darkened and irritated. It also makes us, women, self-conscious.

There are lot of ways on how to get rid of  underarm hair, such as waxing, plucking, threading, shaving , and many others. One of them is IPL Hair Removal. definition for IPL Hair Removal is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal uses a broad-based light (non-laser source) of multiple wavelengths. Its goal is to target the melanin (color) of the hair follicle and shaft to disable hair growth.

I had my ever first IPL Hair Removal at Aesthetic Hub Laser Skin Center in Ortigas. I bought it from Metrodeal for P99 instead of P1,500.

My MetroDeal Voucher

Aesthetic Hub Laser Skin Center 

U/G 32 Eton Cyberpod Corinthian corner EDSA, Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City

Contact Numbers:



The building was actually a mall so I didn't have to log in to a logger sheet or anything like that. I went straight to the clinic, handed over my voucher and didn't wait long for the procedure to be done.

The aesthetician checked my underarm hair first, then told me that my hair-type will take 5 sessions for it to totally disable hair growth. Unfortunately, I only had one voucher and I redeemed it on the very last day of the valid dates. The MetroDeal promo was over and she told me that the regular fee was, I think, P400 each session. Na-ah, I didn't want to pay that much for my annoying hair each session. I thought it was just one session. How was I to know? I was also so stupid to think that it was like waxing that I had to grow my underarm hair first before I'm ready for it. (imbyerna!).

Anyways, she puts a jelly-like thing on my underarm and also asked me to put on goggles, I don't know what it's called :), to protect my eyes from the laser's light. It hurt a tiny little bitty bit (tiis-ganda). Before I left home for my appointment, my husband told me to stay safe because it might burn my skin, but I was stubborn to say, "it was laser sweetheart and it won't hurt" (Man! he was right!), not so much though. 

When it was finished, the funny thing was, I expected the hair to be magically gone, just like waxing (haha!). So I asked her, "Why do I still have hair?". That was awkward. She then explained to me that it will be gone, but I'd have to wait and finish my 4 more sessions and the hair will voluntarily fall off. 

She also informed me that,

  • I CAN shave it (good news since I cannot do the other cheapest way, which is to pluck it)
  • I SHOULDN'T pluck it NOR wax it
  • DO NOT apply deodorant (which I never do)
  • DO NOT wet it until the following day
  • Apply the Aesthetic Hub underarm cream with Fluoderm everyday (P400)

I let the hair on my underarm for days for I was afraid of shaving it. However, the annoying hair is getting on my nerve, so I shaved it. It lasted for more than a month before the hair grew back. I tell you, I was so amazed! I remembered what I was told that I have to continue my sessions which I neglected because I was looking for another discount on MetroDeal to fit on my cheapo budget. It was supposed to be every 2 or 3 weeks.

For a first timer, my experience at Aesthetic Hub Laser Skin Center was above average. The place was clean and the location could not be missed. It was just right across Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas Avenue. The service was superb. The aesthetician was friendly. The only thing I was disappointed about was to find out that I had to buy a cream worth P400 to apply to my underarm for it not to get dry. I mean, I felt like there was no choice, I really had to buy it or else my underarm will get bad or should I say worse than it is? :) The aesthetician said though that the cream can lessen the chicken skin and may also be an alternative for deo. So all-in-all I was satisfied.


  1. how many shots were done per session? i purchased 3 vouchers which the lady told me to bring to my first session since she said i might use them all up at once. what did they tell you? thanks!

    1. Hi Megiler. In my case, I only had one voucher. They might encourage you to use it all at once if the voucher is also valid for other treatments or if you have multiple body parts that you want to have IPL for. For my IPL, I only used one voucher for BOTH underarms. Thanks for dropping by. :)

    2. Really? one voucher for both underarms? I'm aware that it make take a lot of session before they got off your skin so I bought 10 vouchers thru metrodeal to make sure (by the way, its not my first time having this treatment.) And when I called, the first thing they asked when I said I want to have an appointment for IPL laser treatment for my underarm is how many vouchers do I have? And I said, I bought 10. What day po ma'am? and i said pwde bang bukas ndn? un lang kc available day ko for this week. And then she said, ok ma'am bale 1 voucher po is equivalent to 3 shots. And then I said, "ayy, 3 shots lang bkit 3shots lang?" "yes ma'am and then nothing follows after my question "bkit 3 shots lng?" then i was shocked when she said that 1 voucher 1 area lang din (I mean not both underarms). "ayy gnun lang? on the other side of my medula oblongata tells me that maybe it is different from the first clinic i tried kaya aun I pushed it anyway. wala ndn nman na ako mggawa e. Tomorrow came, and when I came to their clinic, approached them and personally talk to the girl I'm speaking of (i forgot her name), she told me that I might as well use 2 vouchers for each underarm. "Bakit, So bale 4 vouchers over-all? I asked them" kasi ma'am baka mas kelangan po ng underarm nyo ng mraming shots. And then I start to compare from my previous session. She even said na "iba po kasing laser machine ung gamit nmen." I took the treatment anyway. And then after that, she prescribed me some treatment cream and deodarant which is I didnt buy at first kasi I didnt brought extra money but I said on my next session maybe. I have my session every 10days, I started last october only. I'm having my 3rd session sana today but unforunately, i have errands to do. so I google'd their office # to reschedule my appointment and happened to pass by on ur post. And upon reading ur post knowing all of these that really surprised me, I am completely disappointed. and I would definitely ask them prior to this matter.

      thanks for posting!

    3. by the way, ilang shots nakuha mo for both underarms?

    4. Hi ms.viance same din ang reaction ko nung nalaman kong 1 voucher is only for 1 underarm cause nabasa ko na tong blog na to bago ako magtry ng IPL. How was the result doing for you? Nakaka isang session palang ako eh. Worth it naman ba? And did you bought the creams for ipl?

    5. Hi Viance and Lacus. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Isang voucher lang atlga nagamit ko both underarms. Check nyo yun fine print ng voucher, baka nag-iba na un conditions nila. Last year ko pa kasi in-avail un voucher. I don't know if pareho ng fine print un voucher nyo at yung sa'kin.

      Viance, about sa shot. I think 3 per underarm. I'm not sure, nakalimutan ko na kasi, and it was my first time so medyo naka-focus ako dun sa thought na baka masakit, kaya hindi ko na nabilang. Pero parang 3 each underarm.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    6. @anne siguro nga. Tinanong ko din sila right after ko mabasa yung post mo pero hindi din naman nila na-justify kung bakit ganun basta ang sabi lang 'depende po kasi sa hair follicle' but I'm talking about the 1 voucher per underarm. Ang layo lang ng katwiran. Maybe if I didn't said that I have 10 voucher, mine would be like yours. lol just a thought. Thanks for posting!

      @lacus so far its been good though they are increasing the intensity so it hurts more. The hairs are falling pero tumutubo pa din but this time super thin na yung hair. Yea I bought the cream for anti-irritation but I realized that its just a waste of money because my underarm is fine even a day after the session. Next session I will buy their anti-chicken skin.

  2. I bought this deal just last night and called the clinic earlier today. The lady I spoke to said that I would need to use 1 voucher "per area", which means that I need 2 vouchers, one for each underarm. Do you think they've changed their deal?

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  5. Been there yesterday.1 voucher per UA and 1 voucher for my upper lip.They have this 10 sessions for 99/session promo.Bought the hydrocortisone cream for 400 to be used after IPL and for 3 days (2x/day) Didn't buy the roll on and the cream (to be used on the 4th day daw) since i already have them from CosMedics where i have my UA diamond peel+Whitening (149/session,Metrodeal too).Got 3 shots per UA and also 3 shots on my upper lip.Pain is tolerable.

    1. By the way,they only accept cash payments

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