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IPL Hair Removal and Underarm Diamond Peel at Skin Rejuve

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Here I am, back for my second IPL hair removal. It took me over a month to finally be able to find a deal for my second session of IPL after Aesthetic Hub and Skin Center (click it on for a separate review). I was looking for the one that was more accessible for me, with the same price as it was the first time. I got it again from MetroDeal (click it on for a separate review) at Skin Rejuve in Makati for P99 instead of P3,000.

My MetroDeal Voucher


Contact Numbers:

They offered a bunch of services to choose from in a voucher. I got 3 vouchers. I was hoping to use it for IPL, of course, for 3 sessions. When I called them for a schedule, I was disappointed to learn that they require one voucher each underarm. It wasn't stated in the fine print of the voucher, so I advise you guys to always contact the merchant first before you avail if you're unsure of it.

The MetroDeal Fine Print for Skin Rejuve Voucher

In my case, I thought it was the same as my first IPL that I used only one voucher. When I asked why do I have to use one voucher each, their reason is because they do unlimited IPL, which means as she explained further, that the whole part of the underarm that has hair would be covered for IPL, which was totally nonsense because I had my IPL before and it was the same as she was referring to as unlimited.

Anyway, I didn't make it a big deal out of it when I was talking to her so I just said okay, and since I had one voucher left after the IPL, I asked for an Underarm Diamond Peel as well because no point of keeping the last one voucher, I can't use it for another IPL. I didn't wanna give her a hard time but this point was marked down, not much though because the IPL service is still the major part.


Unit M101 West of Ayala Tower
Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue Makati City
(Beside Burgundy Tower)

The location is great, I would say! It's along Gil Puyat Avenue, right next to the Burgundy Tower.  It would not be missed. If you're riding a public vehicle going to LRT Gil Puyat or MRT Buendia along Gil Puyat Avenue, you can just ask them to drop you off Burgundy Tower and you'll go from there.

The building is nice. When I entered, I just let the reception know that I have an appointment at Skin Rejuve. They asked me to log in but no need for an ID.

Skin Rejuve has this divider with aquarium on top, that feels relaxing for me, thinking that when my hubby and I get a house we'll make sure to have an aquarium to just stare at it and relax :)

Anyways, I was asked to log in, and asked to wait for a bit. Then, one of them called me to ask me which service I would like to have that day. I told them which ones, then the up-selling began.

She said that I can avail P2,000-something for an unlimited E-light-something that's valid for one whole year, which is better than IPL and all those good stuff, or I can reserve 20 vouchers for IPL, that all I have to do is make a down payment.

I am not interested in any of it because it's not in my budget to have IPL in the first place and I grabbed it because it was only P99. I won't pay for more than that just for my underarm. So a big NO NO. She was insisting, but I can't be rude so I just smiled that maybe giving her the impression that she'd be able to change my mind, but she was wrong. Eventually, she told me to think about it during my pamper time, and informed me that I have to buy something which they called Hydrocortisone for P50 to be applied after IPL which I can also use everyday. I expected this, just like what happened the first time. It wasn't too much of a pain in the pocket compared to Aesthetic Hub which costs me P400 for a cream but a heads up during the phone call scheduling would be so much appreciated.


Now, for the major part. Abby, was my aesthetician that day. She was nice and accommodating. She asked me to put the sarong on or a fabric used to cover my upper part during the whole procedure.

I told her how uncomfortable I am for someone else to see my underarm (which I really am!). So I asked her to excuse my underarm for being so horrible (Haha!). She said that mine was just fine, the only problem is the chicken skin which is the result of plucking. So if I get rid of the hair I'll get rid of the chicken skin as well. I don't know whether she means it or not, but well, I appreciate it from someone who has seen many underarms in her life :) Thanks!

She trimmed my underarm hair first. It was not that long, (again, I'm afraid of shaving and banned from plucking and waxing), but I really appreciate it because that was an extra job for her, she did it anyways. She said that it would be best if the hair was trimmed for it would be less painful for IPL later on. She used a small scissor for it.


Abby did proceed with the diamond peel first. defines it as,  A diamond peel treatment is a form of microdermabrasion, a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure that resurfaces the skin to give it back its healthy, youthful glow. Diamond peel treatments are a gentler microdermabrasion treatment that is designed to remove fine lines and wrinkles

She washed my underarm, she then put a cream which felt like a scrub cream because it was cold and rough, but it didn't hurt my underarm at all. Then, she used an apparatus that felt like it was sucking my skin. I don't know what it was called. It didn't take long and she showed me the dead skin cells that she got from my underarm. It was done. That was actually my first time for an underarm diamond peel, and it felt like my underarm was so soft and smooth. Promise!

After which, she told me to wait for a little while because someone's using the room intended for IPL, which I didn't mind because I took pictures while waiting.


Here goes the "tiis-ganda" part. This is my second time so I know how it feels. She put a jelly-like-thing on my underarm and asked me to put on goggles (or whatever it was called) to protect my eye from the laser light. You still wanna close your eyes even you have those goggles on. She's given me the heads up that it hurts the most on the center part of my underarm. Although I already know, it helped that she reminded me of that. She applied Hydrocortisone aside from the one I purchased. Finally, it was done.

Now remember:

  • You CAN shave it
  • You SHOULDN'T pluck it NOR wax it
  • DO NOT apply deodorant
  • DO NOT wet it until the following day (after the IPL), NOT even oil.
  • Apply the Hydrocortisone (P50)


To be honest and fair, the only thing that I didn't like was the up-selling part. The lady still insisted even when I was about to go home. I understand why, maybe it was a standard procedure for them or she needs to meet a quota or for whatever reason it was, I totally understand. Sadly, it's an awkward feeling for my part and I can't be rude to her knowing that she's only doing her job. I said it so to her, that it was not in my budget and even if I can afford it, I still won't, because guilt will fill me up. It's okay to say it once or twice, but to insist it isn't right.

However, all-in-all, the location, the service were above average especially the greeting part, and aesthetician has done a great job!

THIS IS A BIG FACT: I must commend Skin Rejuve for their very welcoming gestures. Even when they're talking to someone else and they see you walking in, they will greet you in a very very warm and hospitable way, with beautiful smiles on their faces, and mind you, they are all presentable and good looking. They will say hello and wave at you if they can't attend to you right away, will ask you to sit down and have a tea while you're waiting. Although that time, no tea for me because the place was jam-packed and they were so busy.

It's very important for me not to feel discriminated or intimidated when I enter an establishment like this and Skin Rejuve really puts an effort to make their customers feel accepted and welcomed. So, good job, for those smiles Skin Rejuve!

Thank you Skin Rejuve for the experience I had!

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